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Mobile Hairstyling & Makeup Services

Ankara Branch

Tunalı Hilmi cad. No:104/4
Kavaklıdere / Ankara
Tel: 0312 467 98 99
0312 467 73 99
Fax: 0312 427 62 77

Worried about hair loss ?
Searching for 100% safe and natural treatment ?

Frustrated with so called guaranteed products ?


What Is a Hair Transplant?

Used in the U.S. since the 1950s, hair transplantation is surgery that involves removing a narrow strip of hair-bearing scalp from the back of the head and using it to fill an area with thin or no hair.


Most hair transplants are performed in the doctor's office under local anesthesia.

In late 1970's, hair transplantation surgery which had been used on Hollywood Stars such as John Wayne, Sean Connery and Frank Sinatra, started to be applied on ordinary people in the USA by repeatedly established Hair Implantation Companies and in 1980's Europeans started to enjoy the benefits of Hair Implantation.  In 1991, HDC (Hair Design Centers) opened its doors, becoming the first Hair Implantation Chain of Companies of Turkey. 


HDC was established 22 years ago and is Turkey's first hair replacement company.  Has gained vast experience over these years and is the one and only company representing Turkey abroad.


We give importance to hygiene and all materials used in the implementation of hair systems are imported directly from the USA.  This is the reason why our prices are slightly more than our competitors.




HDC has achieved an unbelievable success in BIO SKIN technique which is the latest system developed in the USA.  The incredible results obtained by BIO-SKIN Technique's elastic structure, finesse, lightness and naturalness make us proud.  BIO-SKIN hair models which are  indistinguishable even under the microscope are classified according to the budget.



We recommend this method as an alternative to those who do not want to come for regular hair care i.e. to those who reside in a city where we do not have a branch to our overseas customers.



For those who are looking for perfection and who never compromise on this.  It has two stages.  Still keeps its place on the list of best sellers during the last 3 years. 



To women in a hurry, who have lost or will loose their hair due to cancer, chemotherapy or illness.  Very light, very natural and very sensitive.



One of the complete air and water permeable models which is on the best sellers list in the USA with it's patented design.



The most durable model of the Bio Skin family.  Recommended particulary to those who have an active life and who wish to balance spontaneity ad endurance.



For those who have very very sensitive frontal hairline  This method, which has invisible nodes, is higly implemented during the last 5 years.



For those who wish to have step-by-step hair growth so that no one around will know what is going on.



The newest and thinnest SHERETON type.  Again for those who want the best.



Applied on skin injuries and burns.  Is a Medical prosthetic hair system designed for very sensitive skin.



We recommend this system for youngsters.



A prosthetic hair system applied without cutting off the sparse hair on the vertex.


Whether you are 20 or 65 years old, female or male, we can achieve a result that will allow you to look totally natural and feel good about your appearance. With over 22 years of combined experience we feel we represent Turkey's source for the very best in hair replacement. Although we will rarely be the least expensive option available, we will most often represent the best value for the result achieved. All else said, Hair Builders never loses sight of the fact that hair replacement is a service business and we're here to serve our clients. Technically, we always stay on the cutting edge of hair loss treatments. We regularly attend national educational seminars, and are instrumental in developing new techniques, procedures, and designs. It's our feeling that even if you aren't ready to address your hair loss problem today a consultation with us will be a valuable tool to possess when you do decide you are ready.


Experience the difference today. Schedule a confidential consultation today to discuss how our modern, scientifically-proven, non-surgical hair replacement options can work for you.

Tel: 0312 467 98 99 or 0312 467 73 99

If you have a busy lifestyle and need your hair and makeup to be done in the comfort of your home

Please call us to fix an appointment for a mobile hairdresser and/or a makeup artist


Tel: 0312 467 98 99 or 0312 467 73 99