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MAX FM 95.8

MAX FM radio station is owned by KBN group and broadcasts 24/7, mainly music.

The streaming of MAX FM is carried out by Ankara and Los Angeles Programme Offices while its relations with Europe is carried out by its office in London.


The music streaming of Max FM is determined by taking into account the radio lists of the USA and Europe

as well as the requests of the listeners received by telephone calls and e-mails.


Among the types of music broadcasted are rock, pop-rock, acoustic rock and classic rock songs which are or expected to be hits.


The songs are broadcasted in a specific rotation.  The live broadcasting is presented by DJs using the Hi-Tech technology of MAX FM and it's every second is planned, checked and recorded by computers.


Different types of music are not presented in separete sections but are broadcasted as a mixture and verbal sections are limited.


Important news headlines, city news, city traffic, city activities, activities of high schools and universities, economy news and weather forecast is presented.