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Arjantin Cad. No:21/B

T: 0 (312) 426 76 77 

In today's fast life, Wok'n Walk is a dining habit which converts trendy Asian Food into easily accessed and happily consumed dishes on the street, at home, in the workplace and at Wok'n Walk restaurants.


While offering it's restaurant customers the opportunity  to enjoy fun and quality time with it's healthy menus and 7/24 service, Wok'n Walk also enables them to rapidly meet with delicious food by it's perfect delivery service. 






Wok'n Walk which can be classified as "Asian Fast Food" will not only be essential for those who like traditional Asian and Wok dishes but, owing to its delicious menus, will certainly attract the admiration of those who will try this flavour for the first time. 




Offering a vast range of menus from meat to chicken, from noodles to delicious wok dishes as well as vegetarian tastes, Wok'n Walk will become an essential habit of eating for the Ankaraans!!

Wok & Walk is about fresh, nutritious, tasty food that is cooked in front of your eyes and served to you in minutes..

It is. Simple, affordable, irresistible food

to eat in your way!

Fresh every day

If thereís a secret to preparing great food, it is starting with the best ingredients.

Thatís why everything we use is wholesome, top quality and prepared fresh every day.

Our selection of savory sauces are all specially prepared using our own secret recipes.

The healthy way

Quick, hot and tasty. Thatís the way we like it. But wok cooking isnít just speedy.

Did you know itís also one of the healthiest ways to cook?

High temperatures mean food is ready in minutes. No time to lose nutrients or go soggy.

Food stays crisp, colorful and full of its natural vitamins and minerals. And constant stirring means less oil is needed.

Full flavour, High Speed, Good nutrition. A winning combination all around.



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Every Day

12.00 Until the Last Guest Leaves

(Serves Lunch and Dinner)

Arjantin Cad. No:21/B

T: 0 (312) 426 76 77 

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