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Yeni Sanayi Bölgesi KARABÜK / TURKEY
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Our Vision:
To introduce and implement the most novel and innovative quality standards in production, in line with changing global dynamics and conditions in the steel industry and endure the Notion of a hygienic, environmentally friendly and reliable work and service.

Our Mission:
To offer, as Serhat Iron and Steel Industry Inc., permanently high quality products to our clients raise and retain a certain level of public awareness on our brand in all countries and the particular fields of steel sector, where we operate, while constantly improving our production yields as a reliable World-brand.

Under the current conditions of our country, which has fully integrated into global economy, competition has grown ever harsh; reaching at the punch line, beyond that once perceived as painful. Especially in such areas as the construction industry, where return on investment takes quite a long time, the performance periods of and costs per every item involved in the construction process have definitely crucial roles to play.

SERHAT IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRY, INC has been an industrial forerunner, with its distinguished notion of work and services and high quality structural iron produces, in the ferrous steel industry, Karabuk, for long years. Today, the Company’s operations expand on a terrain measuring 18.500 m2 in total, with its production plants in Karabuk, which accommodates a confined space of 6.500 m2 and an open space of 4.000 m2, and in Ankara, which encompasses a confined space of 4.000 m2 and an open space of 4.000 m2, respectively.

The Company keeps continuing its steadfast production activities with notable success, which overwhelmed the Company for long years, all thanks to the public trust it had built and its understanding of permanence, and which, the Company has had shown prosperity in transposing into its recent outbound business ventures, in the international marketplace.


As Serhat Iron and Steel Industry, Inc we have set our primary objectives toward fulfilling all our business commitments and undertaking in a timely and prompt manner, without compromising quality and thereby become a renowned brand in the construction industry, in 2011.

Our On-going Construction Projects;
Rainbow Residence: Consisted of 82 condos and 3 villa houses in Eryaman / Ankara, scheduled to be completed during June 2012, this project, which we continue to build as Serhat Demir Çelik A.Ş., is notable for its innovative and contemporary architectural design, offering a wide variety of options for dwellers seeking apartments to live in.

International Trade

We are well aware of the level of importance the steel industry means for the overall growth and development of a country and for Turkey, in particular, and as Serhat Iron and Steel Industry, Inc. feel rightfully proud of pursuing existence in numerous international markets led particularly by Middle East, Africa and Far East.

From 2002 onwards, we are continuing to endure our understanding of and commitment for high quality services delivered to our clientele staying on abroad, exploiting all innovations of imports and exports sector. In the meanwhile, we feel the joy of having undersigned a variety of long term projects with co-operating companies, based on the motivation that heightened customer satisfaction has blown to our organisation. In addition to the exports of reinforcing bar and equivalent products, we are now capable of realising the exports mill scale), which once were considered just as waste, in quantities of around 70,000 metric tons, to the countries of the Far East under Licensure of the Turkish Ministry of Environment.


Initially founded by Mr.Ziya BÜYÜKBEKTAŞ in Karabuk, 1970, under the name SERHAT FREIGHT FORWARDERS, started building its corporate career in the private sector, as a freight forwarding business.The Company then shifted a name change to SERHAT IRON TRADING AND FREIGHT FORWARDING Co. Unlimited, taking the first step into the ferrous steel industry, in 1978.

Achieving the identity of manufacturer in 1987, the company realised its first among the series of industrial investments, by purchasing a Rolling mill in Karabuk. In 1999, the company merged with SERHAT REBAR INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. INC. Group companies and is still continuing to attain its objectives for steady growth, one step at a time. SERHAT ROLLING INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. INC a business undertaking of the group, which has become one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of structural iron in Turkey, throughout the time advancing thereupon, is now capable of manufacturing 96 different types of products in its production lines, yielding an overall production output of 100,000 tons per annum and sales figures for 150,000 tons of iron and ferrous steel, at the present.

Furthermore, with a view to timely and properly cope up with the raw material demands of the company, SERHAT IRON AND STEEL INDUSTRY INC. GROUP, manned with an extraordinary staff of specialists, who have profound skills and expertise in the area, carries out imports, as well as exporting various product ranges of the company, to several countries of the world, with an increasing output, thereby contributing more to the national economy, as the day passes.

Chairman of the board of directors: